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MOMENTKO is a young family-owned company founded on a simple idea: to make party planning for our children and loved ones easy, enjoyable, and as eco-friendly as possible. After a rapid start on various online selling platforms with over 100,000 orders to date, we're finally launching our own website. To assist and advise me on this incredible journey, my children—youthful experts well-versed in the essentials of parties and events—are on board. They're involved in every step, from identifying themes to crafting the content of our Ready-to-Party sets. Each theme has been approved by my little experts. Soon, at their request, you'll find a section featuring their latest favorites.

WHY: Family life is filled with beautiful moments, but also with stressful ones. Party planning can quickly become a race against the clock. No more rushing between stores to find missing table napkins once everything else is purchased. MOMENTKO offers a turnkey solution: the most popular themes, sets that perfectly meet your needs, and the option to add items to complete your party.

SHIPPING: All our sets are shipped within 24 hours. For those last-minute needs, you can opt for our priority service for a slight additional fee. And for purchases of $50 or more, we offer free expedited shipping.

Reduce shopping time, have fun preparing the cake, or simply spend time with your children and loved ones.


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